Anna Kendrick: F U I'm Sexy

Anna Kendrick: F U I'm Sexy

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I love me some Anna Kendrick! The "Pitch Perfect 2" star has always had my attention and I'm sure the attention of millions of others. She recently did an interview with Esquire magazine and some pretty fun pictures from the interview popped up on the internet. This first picture is what I like to call the "F U, I'm sexy" picture. Anna appears to poke fun of the whole thing with a flip of the bird but a classic look showing off her choice of bedroom attire. (Me biting my fist like damn)

The next photo shows Miss Kendrick doing, I guess, the female version of "Me and my Cats" a la Rob Gronkowski? I'm not a cat person but if it gives me a chance to be with Anna, she can have as many as she wants. Heck, I'll even hit the pet store for the cat food.

And Finally, another picture that will have the fellas and some ladies wanting more of Anna Kendrick. If she's the director, can I pick my role? By the way, nice kicks. What would you call those?

All photos courtesy of Esquire Magazine.

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