Do the Kardashians have any actual talent?

Do the Kardashians have any actual talent?

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Remember when Barbara Walters straight up told the Kardashians that they are talentless hacks? She said "You don't act, you don't sing, you don't dance.. You don't have any talent!" And if you think about it, it's a perfectly valid statement. Recently, they got some huge contract for their show. And till this day, I still don't understand the fascination people have for this family. Kim's claim to fame was a sex tape. And not to mention that her dad was one of OJ's lawyers along with step dad being an Olympic athlete. The crazy mom saw an opportunity to monetize it after all the buzz from the tape. I mean... I can't knock the hustle but what are we watching exactly?! I see a rich family exaggerating the crap out of things to cater to a specific group of people for television. Don't get me wrong. I think Kim is absolutely hot but I think Barbara Walter has it right. These ladies don't have any talent. If you believe otherwise, please let me know what talent they have because I'm with Barbara on this one.

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