Erica's Top Ten Favorite Jordan's

Erica's Top Ten Favorite Jordan's

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I frequently get asked about my favorite sneakers. I have no problem answering the question… so, why not write about it?! I've decided to put a list together of my Top Ten J's which I consider to be my all-time favorites. However, comprising this list was not very easy given the many classics to choose from. I just wanted to share with all of you and I appreciate any of your feedback.

Reasoning behind the list of Jordan's is because they are my favorite Brand. To me, Jordan's are the epitome of the term "Sneakerhead". Anyone can rock whatever they want but when you see someone rocking a pair of J's, you know they're about their kick game. They ARE the OG of the sneaker game / sneaker collectors / sneaker enthusiasts. Kicks nowadays wish they could be on the same level in terms of Retro styling. More importantly, they represent what I love about basketball.. it's not just about the design. Growing up playing ball is what first got me into sneakers as a player and now as a collector.

Let's get started:

1. Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux"

2. Air Jordan XIII "Flint"

3. Air Jordan VII "DMP

4. Air Jordan V "Raging Bull"

5. Air Jordan I "Royal"

6. Air Jordan VIII "Aqua"

7. Air Jordan X "Chicago"

8. Air Jordan IV "Thunder"

9. Air Jordan I "Celtic"

10. Air Jordan XIII "Playoff"

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