Having a Bad Hair Day? Don't Panic!

Having a Bad Hair Day? Don't Panic!

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Are you tired of seasons changing and having a difficult time figuring out what type of hairstyle you need to compromise with the current weather situation? Well, you're in luck with Uprar Fashion!

If you're having a bad hair day, don't panic! We would like to present you to one of our best hairstylist in Boston, Ma--- Jennifer Ng. She has many years of experience at Salon Eva Michelle on Newbury Street as Senior Designer (http://www.salonevamichelle.com) and Urban Design Team Member of Sebastian Professional (http://www.sebastianprofessional.com) that we want to share with you. Jen Ng also known as "Snowkee" is a hardworking and motivated hairstylist that constantly challenge herself on how to advance her career. She truly believes that hairdressing is an art form and a beautiful craft in its own nature. Hair styling is not just a simple wash, blow dry, and cut, but it is more of a relationship with architecture, culture, and fashion statement.

One of things Snowkee is doing to challenge herself is by pushing the envelope and stepping out of the classic looks for weddings to creating more elaborate avant garde styled looks like the one above. Snowkee will be spending this year adding these types of looks to her portfolio for you to view! Make sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter or her personal website provided below.

People look at their occupation and think, "it's a job and it pays the bills", not Snowkee though, her biggest motivation are her clients. She enjoy seeing them and catching up with them when they come in. She's a true believer of building client relationship and to stay knowledgeable on the latest trends in order to give them the best and the greatest!

For more of Jennifer Ng, please visit:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/snowkee

Instagram: www.instagram.com/snowkee

Website: www.snowkee.com

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