NBA All-Star Weekend: Kick Line-Up

NBA All-Star Weekend: Kick Line-Up

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Literally kicking off the NBA All-Star Weekend with a line up of new releases. Be sure to check out the newest additions of the Kobe X, LeBron 12, KD 7, and Kyrie 1 signature shoes. Theses kicks sure do have "All-Star" written all over them with their sleek styles and vivacious colors. These signature designs and players are no stranger to titles and championships so it should come as no surprise they brought their A-game to the list.

The Kobe X "All-Star" marks the 10th edition of the shoe with Nike. Inspired by the All-Star game this weekend, Kobe gives you the best transition of a low-top, lightweight, blended color, basketball performance sneaker. The black upper and metallic silver Swoosh are underscored by the vibrant green, orange, and yellow soles of the shoe. I love the pattern underneath which is the highlight of the shoe, really. I love solid, traditional coloring patterned all around and keeping it "splashy" if you will, below on the outsoles. Kobe will always be an All-Star in my book.

Now take a look at the LeBron 12 "All-Star".. by far, the cleanest, meanest, sickest shoe of the 2015 All-Star line up. This shoe is insanely durable yet lightweight. The colorway is fresh, the best I've seen so far of the LeBron 12 style. The white with black trimmed upper is represented with a neon green / blue outsole and heel. These kicks have a sense of a "glow-in-the-dark" appeal with those icy soles. The color transition from heel to toe is impressive starting with ocean blue into lime green. The Nike Swoosh has that iridescent attraction as well. Needless to say, King James shows he's still King with this execution of style.

The KD 7 "All-Star" edition is presented with an extreme focus on silver which covers the entire outer layer of the shoe. The mid-shoe strap consists of hyper-pink which transitions into a flashy purple. The midsoles are covered in white and met by more of the hyper-pink around the heel of the shoe. Can't forget those icy bottoms, we all love those. I would have to say I own a pair of these and they're extremely comfortable. The credit for all of that comfort goes to the design of the hyperpositive heel which would have to be the best acquisition to the KD 7. KD, you the real MVP!

Last but not least, the Kyrie 1 "All-Star" made the line up of this weekend's dropped kicks. The reigning All-Star MVP's new release has a similar colorway to his "Black History Month" edition which was just released in January. His first signature shoe and he's making no exceptions to being amongst the best in style and designed patterns. The Kyrie 1 "All-Star" features a two-toned pattern upper and speckled grey / silver / black midsoles. The icy bottomed outersoles transition from ice blue along the toe into more of a iced purple around the heel. Kyrie might be able to hold the title of All-Star MVP just by his kick game.

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