NEW RELEASE: Asics Gel Sight "World Challenger"

NEW RELEASE: Asics Gel Sight "World Challenger"

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I'm officially falling in love with Asics. They have dropped nothing but fire so far this year... talk about starting 2015 off right! The Asics Gel Sight "World Challenger" is apart of the new collection set for Spring 2015 from the brand. Originally inspired by the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the Gel Sight model represents victory. The retro runner sports an all White leather upper with hints of Red within the inner lining, tongue, and outsole. Traces of Black outline the shoe with it's fine detailing and is accompanied by spotted laces. Grey nubuck rests on the large heel unit while Metallic gold applies to the form-stripes for the ultimate victory dance. "World Challenger" brands both tongue tags to put the shoe ahead of the race. They are definitely a standout since they caught my eye! Tomorrow is the day, get yours and stay atop of the podium while rocking em all season long.

Release Date: March 6, 2015

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