New Westbrook Zero Jordans Look FRESH

New Westbrook Zero Jordans Look FRESH

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I have always questioned Russell Westbrook's style. I mean it is original but kind of out my style reach. Very bold, though. When I heard he was finally getting his own signature shoe from the Jordan Brand, I figured it was another basketball shoe with the big bold color like the one he was wearing with the huge Jordan logo. I was wrong. It doesn't even look like a basketball shoe, more like one you can rock just hanging out and I must say, it looks pretty dope!

They have them in many colors but it's these bad boys that have me ready to cop a pair or two, you know, just in case one gets dirty. They look like they could be replacing the white on white Air Force Mids I use to buy as my casual shoe? Maybe. The shoes are scheduled for release on July 11th. Check them out.

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