Dallas Cowboys Rookie Put on Blast by Escort!

Dallas Cowboys Rookie Put on Blast by Escort!

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Dallas Cowboys rookie La'el Collins got hammered on Twitter by an escort named "Throatzilla." For the record, that is a pretty awesome name if you had to pick one, for an "escort" that is. Why are these two even in the same conversation you ask? It appears as if one owes the other person some money, and we don't mean the escort owes Collins for joining his football camp!

The woman who's twitter handle is @orallygifted214 has had her account suspended by going off on the Cowboys rookie, who went undrafted due to off the field issues, about not receiving payment for services rendered. It's one thing to go after the person but she even went after his agent! At least she knows where the money is being handled. Check out the screenshot courtesy of Black Sports Online of the rant.

I guess she thought publicizing this would get her paid. Maybe she needs to call Judge Judy. Hey, La'el, just pay up!

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