ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is a scumbag

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is a scumbag

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So a video hit the internet today showing ESPN's Britt McHenry going off on a towing company employee. The verbal attack was hateful and on a real personal level. Britt think shes better than people and her bitch level is at +10. I hate people like that and so does most of the people on the internet. Karma is a bitch and already working on the issue. After this got viral, Britt got suspended by ESPN for a measly week. But that doesn't worry me... the internet is already justifying everything. Internet Justice has been upheld and it's absolutely hilarious. My favorite comment on the twitter is "so its either porn or reality TV now... Which are you choosing?" -- Oh, and I forgot to mention... someone edited her wikipedia page to include "In March 2014, she left ABC 7 to join ESPN where she was hired because of her degree from Stetson University and a mouthful of teeth."

One thing I also forgot to mention is: the video looks like multiple clips of a much longer video put together because you really don't hear much from the towing company employee. But I don't see how reacting in this way is OK in anyone's book. It's simply classless.


Britt's instagram post (She deleted this):

Oh, the irony:

She tweeted this... but I don't see an apology to the towing company employee....

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