Signs of Thirsty Men

February 03, 2015 Parker Inc

Signs of Thirsty Men

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1. Too eager to get something (lies, acting pushy and aggressive, playing it off like you're a big deal, etc...)

We get it! It's hard to hold back temptations. The ladies are looking good better by the day, but if you don't change your act, mostly likely you'll become an "old thirsty man." Think about it, pretty ladies get hit on all the time. So it's time to get your act together and not say/do ignorant things to embarrass yourself.

Signs of a Thirsty Man

  • Wear a black tie suit out and pretend that you're something you're not (come on, it's Saturday Bro..)
  • Buying drinks for her and her friends to impress her while you're standing there looking foolish(walk away once you sensed it...)
  • Promise her things like, taking her on vacation and fancy dates to make her feel special (all that talking ain't going to work until you show her...)
  • Compliment her beauty? Don't tell her something she already knows, this is the reason why you came up to her to begin with....

  • Asking for her number more than once (Come On, Captain Obvious...)
  • Never, and I stress NEVER call a woman "Shorty", "Hey Girl, Hey", "Damnnnn", "Ay Bae Bae", "Hollaaa" , "Ey Mami", etc....

  • Don't try so hard with your lame jokes, if she's not laughing and giving you that awkward vibe, just moon walk away bruh...

  • Asking her out on a date repeatedly...
  • Lastly, acting salty after she turns you down...

If you're having trouble following these helpful tips, I suggest you drink lots of h2o before heading out.


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