The Milk, Bread and Eggs Theory

The Milk, Bread and Eggs Theory

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Since this season of getting winter weather all along the east coast, I'm pretty sure everyone has grown tired of the cold and ready for the Spring. I don't blame you. The north being hit pretty hard with multiple winter storms, while here in the south we've had our shares of snow, sleet and freezing rain, there in lies the frustrations of travelling to work, school closings and making sure you're stocked with supplies.

In the south, where I dwell, when the meteorologist says that it's going to snow or we getting a wintry mix, everyone rushes to the a local store or Walmart and clear out bread aisle. Not to mention wiping out the milk and eggs in their section of the store respectively. It's pretty ridiculous really the way we act down here when we could be far off worse. I mean, having piles of snow that's ten to fifteen deep like what they're dealing with up north. No, five to six inches, we freaking out.

But hey, the cabin fever gets to us all. So when it comes to stock piling at your home before the we brace for the winter weather, why the milk, bread and eggs? What if the power goes out? What you going to do with the milk and eggs then? As far as the bread goes, you better make use of it before it molds. So, what are some good items to get that will be worthwhile?

According to once source, they explained how stocking up peanut butter and crackers is a good start. Peanut butter is a good source of protein along with the crackers that can be filling to your stomach. If you're a lover of trail mixes and nuts, that's something handy as well. No one ever thinks about seeing how much water you have and getting that instead of the milk. If the power goes out, then room temp water never hurt anyone and definitely lasts. Also some exceptional fruits can go a long way during a winter storm.

Of course there's the non-perishable items like toilet paper, flashlights or candles, an emergency kit of some kind, and a radio that goes along with battery life. It seems as though no thinks logically when we hear of a storm that's approaching. Our minds tend to be frazzled and react like we have no sense knowing that we should.

You can still flee to the milk, bread and eggs if you want, but we should really expand our minds when it comes to survival skills such as this. Now, how many more weeks until Spring?!

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