Top 10 signs you're on a bad date with a guy

February 19, 2015 Parker Inc

Top 10 signs you're on a bad date with a guy

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The bad, the ugly, and the uglier...

Nobody said life was perfect but men would do stupid things without thinking...

  • Don't be late! You arrive late for a date or change plans last minute instead of honoring your date's feelings and your commitment to be together as planned.
  • Fellas don't starts to talk about your future and forget to include her in the conversation, that's is clearly a warning sign of NO trust and loyalty towards anyone.
  • Ladies, I'm not telling you to be shallow but if his card gets declined on a first date, do you really want to invest your time into getting to know his baggage?

  • Guys don't brag about your background, such as career, goals, and how much money is in your bank account, she might be charging towards the exit sign. There's no need to tell anyone that because they'll eventually find out.

  • There's one thing to be funny and confident, but once you start being self-centered (e.g. talking about your body structure, your work out routine, and how good looking you are...?) Ladies, do you want to spend the rest of your time listening to him talk about himself and not listen to you?
  • Ok, it's really bad when he's not listening to you, but he should be able to repeat at least one thing you said during your date.
  • Ladies, if he tries to get you drunk and starts to be very aggressive and pushy, chances are he's just trying to take you home.

  • My man, DO NOT, and I stress, DO NOT talk about your mom, she might think it's cute for a little bit, but if you don't stop, you'll be labeled as "mama's boy"
  • Don't be depressing. You bog down the mood with heavy, negative stories from your past instead of starting fresh and creating exciting new stories on your own with your new potential love match.
  • Don't be distracted, e.g you stare at attractive lady who pass by or allow distractions of cell phones, text messages and/or silent vibes to interrupt your dating conversation instead of devoting your full attention to your date.


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