Why is it so hard to date in your 30s?

Why is it so hard to date in your 30s?

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Just like great cheese and wine, you age just like it. People typically give you crap because you're in your their 30s and you're single. But lets get real, you're probably single because you're successful and know what you want in life. Typically, people in their 30s been through a lot and have gone through many experiences. Therefore, they are more picky with who they want to be with.

Men often say they want a successful and less needy woman to be with. However, they always choose to be with that type. Is it because they feel more dominant or is it because of their insecurities (the sake of her not leaving for any stupid reason)? We'll never know. But often, women who act bossy tend to have less options. Men like the idea of a successful woman and less dependent. But at the end of the day, they want to be the bread winner.

Women these days can pretty much do everything themselves. I mean they can carry a child for 9 month and push a watermelon out of their vagina. The idea of having a man opening the doors, paying the dinner tab, fixing a broken cabinet, and bring her food when she's hungry is a simple meaning of TLC.

Everyone, don't be discourage. 30s is the new 20s. There are many opportunities and options in life if you solely want it! If it's all worth it, here are my theories on why it's hard to date in your 30s:

  • You've been through a lot. Thus as you get older, the list gets larger! You expect and criticize more; it's definitely normal. You have less time to waste, so it's absolutely okay to get everything you want on your check-off list!
  • Some of us (not all - yes we're aging), I mean... comparing yourself to a 16 year old is a little ridiculous. You should be having a 16 year old child by now. I think aging is not the main factor. There are many great people in your age criteria that are looking for the same thing (HELLO! The Brady Bunch?)
  • The pressure, OH the pressure from your friends and family, I totally get it! But, who is it to say when the right time is? The right time doesn't necessary have to be when "all your friends are getting married and/or having kids." The right time is not when your family members are pressuring you! The right time is when you are ready; when you're fully satisfied with where you are in life. That is when you're ready to start everything.
  • Most people between the age of 26-35 are just settling. They are settling because society tells them to. Don't be so hard on yourself just because everyone around you and society makes it seem like it's has to be that way! Your life has a destiny. And lets be honest, go with it!

Don't let society, friends, and family determine your future. Take control of your happiness and make your own decision. At the end of the day, it is your life and you are entitled to your happiness!

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