Why You Should Not Ping People After 2AM!

Why You Should Not Ping People After 2AM!

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Everything is easily accessible these days, you can get groceries and liquor delivered to your house (Instacart & Foodler) at a push of a button. Technology and the culture is changing so rapidly that people can't keep up with the lifestyle. It has its pros, but it definitely has its cons too, here's a few example of drunk shit people do...

Drunk messaging people on social media and/or drunk texting at a lucrative time:

1) Any ping after 2am is ground for a "BOOTY CALL!"

2) "Liquid Courage", after a few drinks, people start to think facebook, twitter, and/or IG is an online dating site. Clearly it was made for the "social media", social media is a computed-medicated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and network. Yes, sorry to break it to ya, but refrain from using your social media as a dating app, you don't know who is sitting on the other side of the cyber world, it could be your boss.

3) Constantly messaging a non-responsive person is probably not a good idea.

"Hi, Hello, Hey, Hi, how are you? Want to grab coffee sometime? Hi, are you there?...."

I mean after the 3rd "hey", you should stop!

Nope, 2am rolls around and you're felling kinda nice, you decide to message the person and start tripping on them for not answering! Now that's just CRAZY!

4) Guys, if want to keep your dignity and pride, don't call her "Babe" when you don't know her, that's just creepy. Calling her "babe" "sweetie" "hun" "baby" would probably turn her off if she's not interested in you

5) Ladies, if a guy ain't calling you back, don't blow up his phone, let it go, let it go! Don't be build a reputation as a "Stage 10 clinger" that's not sexy.


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