Boston's Buff

February 03, 2015 Trinh Do

Boston's Buff

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"Eat, Sleep, Lift"

Name: Lee Hung

Age: 26

Weight: 157 lbs

Occupation: Tax Analyst

Best Work Out Advice: Always mix it up every 6 weeks or so, same goes for your diet. I overload my workout base on what I'm trying to accomplish. If I want to build bi-ceps, I'll overload on reps and sets 4 times a week. No drugs, no supplements, all natural.

Fun Facts: I was ranked 3rd place for the Men's Tennis Doubles in Central, MA Senior Year of High School. I just started playing volleyball with Social Boston Sports and loves it.

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I can train you on the cape...

And/Or, I can be your tax advisor, the decision is up to you...

-Lee Hung

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