French Kissing with Matthew Rondeau

French Kissing with Matthew Rondeau

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What's better than a mixed descent French/Canadian/English and Indian model from the "Ocean State" aka Rhode Island that has been pursuing his career in the modeling and acting industry? Probably not much. Matthew Leo Rondeau not only has the looks to grace all the bill boards in New York City, but his ambitious mindset and positive attitude has propelled him to chase his wildest dreams.

Rondeau, 22 years old, is both young and hungry. He looks up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and like his idol, believes in a determined mindset, vision, and goals. Chasing his dream and motivating people all over the world to do better for themselves is one of his main priority.

Rondeau aspires to become a top male model and actor. In order to achieve these goals, he constantly reminds himself to stay humble and modest to everyone he meets no matter where he goes. He enjoys meeting new people during his bus rides from RI to New York, and never shies from taking pictures with them. He takes the time to learn different languages and cultures as well.

Some of the brand and companies that Matthew worked for and is especially proud of are Lucky Brand, Men's Warehouse, Rue La La, Nerf, Under Armour, Nike, Brookstone, and Daniel Hernandez (Awarded Winning Designer from Boston, MA).

Matthew 's word of advice, "Do what makes you happy in life, live a life with no regrets because to me that's not living. I would also encourage everyone to chase their dreams and make them a reality!"

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