MVP Entertainment with Valentino

MVP Entertainment with Valentino

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The nightlife in Boston is always happening and you typically meet a bunch of promoters at different venues all over the U.S., but do you often get a chance to know the story behind their success? Well, you're in for a special feature with Valentino Perrina, our newest and hottest MVP Night Club Entertainer in Boston.

Valentino came from an Italian family who are all well rounded and business oriented. His parents came to America with absolutely nothing, but with hopes and dreams they figured out a way to fight through the struggle to become successful. Understanding everything his parents has been through, he has learned to embed their work ethics into the nature of his career and long-term goals.

From there, he was award a full scholarship, a division 1 at Sacred Heart University, graduating with a marketing degree in Digital Marketing. During college, Valentino and his brother opened a restaurant in Peabody called (Toscana's Restaurant). Five years later it has grown and they decided to open a 2nd location in the city of Beverly called (Toscana Bar Italiano).

Valentino's work ethic did not let him settle. With his business partner Michael Baccari, they created MVP Entertainment. If you're living or visiting Boston, feel free to reach out to MVP Entertainment, where they host fundraisers, nightlife parties (birthdays, bachelor, bachelorette, etc...), launch parties, and corporate events.

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"My goal in life is to keep growing as an individual, keep getting better, learning more, and network myself with great people who has the same goals and ambitions as I do. We cannot limit ourselves with what we can do because in reality, there is nothing stopping any of us to being who we want to be, or reaching our goals in life."

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