The Dreamers and Doers

The Dreamers and Doers

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People always ask you when you were little, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well, have you ever had a dream so big that it inspired you to make it into a reality? Angelo Petroccione Reyes did and he was inspired by his internal reality. As a child, Angelo has always had a wild and hyperactive imagination and this led him to pursue a career in acting.

Angelo, 35, is from Virginia Beach and currently lives in New York. Actor, filmmaker, and an entrepreneur, he wears many hats. But one thing is for sure, he as aged quite well! He's had the opportunity to work with many great people in the film industry including many well known directors such as Taylor Hackford.

A veteran in the film industry now, he's had many proud achievements. He was featured in Virginia's largest automotive lifestyle event that brought in 10,000 spectators in one night and was also booked for a major role on a TV show pilot.

Angelo's current goals are to create films that will inspire and move people while at the same time creating jobs through film within his community. He enjoys helping new up and coming artists and providing them the opportunity they so greatly deserve.

So what motivates a man like Angelo that has already done and seen so much? Action and vision. There are Dreamers and then there are Doers. Plenty of people out there are doing things aimlessly with no vision and no means to an end. Doers on the other hand are people who believe in the impossible and let nothing stop them until their mission has been completed.

Angelo wholeheartedly considers himself a "Doer". He was living in Virginia Beach in 2006 at the time and was unable to move, but that did not stop him from enrolling in the LS Actor's studio in NYC, a place that he always knew he wanted to be. Every Sunday he would drive 6 hours to make attend his 11am class on Monday morning and then drive another 6 hours back. This was life for Angelo for 2 straight years!

We asked Angelo, what inspired him to take this leap of faith in life? "It's in those times of solitude where I found myself fully immersing into the life of the characters that I created in my head. I discovered that being an actor and a filmmaker is the only profession that will give me the endless freedom and power to bring those characters to life. The beautiful part of all this, is realizing that I have been uncovering my calling and purpose – I knew this & recognized it at the moment it left me with sleepless nights. This was the reason that made me brave enough to take a leap of faith. I was not content living a life feeling insecure because deep inside, I prefer to live a life of what I've dreamed of."

In the end Angelo would like to say, "It starts with a dream and ends up as a reality…"

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