Working out with Nick Bolio

February 25, 2015 Parker Inc Nick Bolio

Working out with Nick Bolio

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Charlton local, Nick Bolio, got to chat with us recently. The Italian American personal trainer works out of the Boston Sports Club in Wayland, MA. He is a passioante trainer who knows his stuff and enjoys kicking peoples' asses with crazy workouts. Nick's inspirations are fitness modals, bodybuilders, and aesthetics athletics. He clings to everything fitness and sports related. Nick's greatest achievements are: Graduating from Assumption College 13' with a Bachelors in Sociology. Playing football at D1 URI freshman year of college. Transferring to ISSA in 2 months and getting the opportunity to work at BSC a few months after that.

When it comes to motivation, Nick is his own biggest motivation. He pushes himself day in and day out in stride to become the best he can be. He is always watching fitness clips, reading articles, and taking advice from established members of the fitness world. He wants to have the best body he can achieve and look damn good doing it. His main goal is to get his strength and conditioning certification in order to train D1 collegiate and NFL prospect athletes. His dream is to become a fitness model and enter fitness competitions in the near future. Along with those goals, he is also improving himself everyday with all things sports and fitness.

Aside from working out (Which is his number 1 thing to do), he enjoys anything athletic, sports, baseball and basketball. Mostly due to the fact that those sports were what he enjoyed playing growing up. He also enjoys going out with friends, going to bars/clubs, and trying to make it in the fitness industry.

If Nick could change the world, he said he'd like to get everyone into fitness because the U.S. is the fattest populated country in the world. He finds fitness very important and wants everyone to look good and feel good. When asked what about his progress with working out, he said "Currently cutting and still have a long way to go with my body!! #neversatisfied" - Good luck from team UPRAR, Nick!

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