Living In The Moment With Model Betsy Whalen

April 27, 2015 Tionne Jackson

Living In The Moment With Model Betsy Whalen

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Meet Betsy Whalen, a young and driven beauty who has overcome many early life struggles and hardships. By not giving give up, she took control of her life and has literally beaten the odds. Betsy is full of determination and her story is very inspiring, honest, and humbling. She holds nothing back and shares all with us.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was adopted from the Philippines as a baby. I was born with a birth defect that affect my fingers and toes. Doctors had told my parents-to-be that "she may never be able to write, walk, or run". I am missing my left big toe, and the toe next to it. My right foot was unaffected. My hands, that's where once pointed out people notice. I'm highly functional so no one notices until it's brought up. On my left hand, I'm missing half of my index and ring finger. On my right hand, I have a short thumb and underdeveloped pinky and index. The rest of them? Well, that is it! This is known as amniotic band syndrome. Little did my doctors know, I became an awarded sculptor, painter, and a multi-State Championship GOALIE!

What motivates you?

My motivation was 5 years back when I first hit rock bottom. Of the many that occurred, that one resulted in hospitalizations and in-patient care. After a few years of counseling and learning what works for my lifestyle, I have been able to regain control of my life and direction; by living in the moment. Those moments are what build futures, describes our past, and reminds us why we grind.

Living in the moment isn't always the easiest thing to do. When we're faced with obstacles, we tend to have tunnel vision and push for the future neglecting what's in the present. Or resort to our comfort of the past which can be even more detrimental.


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What's your inspiration?

My inspiration stems from reflecting on my quarter of a century presence and how I would have influenced those around me. It starts with myself and works outward due to the fact that many years I've done the opposite. I always wanted to please the crowd in my surroundings yet never identified my self-happiness. With that, came years of depression compounded with family issues, short comings, failures, and relationships: of romance and friendships. The cliche, "can't love others until you love yourself" cannot be more true.

I mentioned short-comings earlier. I now work in sales for an iconic automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. My boss has been a great mentor. Recently, after a rough first quarter with the New England winter weather, he mentioned how character is developed and shown on how you finish and push through while the rest have thrown their hands up. And I realized I shared that same measurement of grit, passion, and character.

What are your greatest achievements?

So, I decided to enter into my first pageant. I loved the stage and had just finished being a National Brand Ambassador for American Honey.

Working with Ryan Lochte, Scott Eastwood, and Donovan McNabb.

Making my dream come true of being on a billboard in NYC.

Right before that, I had began a relationship with an amazing company who hosts regional and national golf scrambles all over the country. I have been blessed to join them in numerous occasions; between NY and Las Vegas, to Boston and right in my home state Connecticut. Links and Laces - it's all about Birdies, Eagles & Networking! (Straight from their website description) The Links & Laces Golf Tour is one of the most exciting and unique entertainment experiences in the world. Regional events in North America and select International locations are hosted by Pro Athletes . Open to golfers of all levels of play - Our Golf Tour not only provides the ultimate social and business networking experience, but also serves as a great way to entertain clients and secure new business.

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What are your greatest achievements?

Calendar Girl for Chaz and AJ in the morning

HBO Boxing RingGirl

AHMIR music video featured lead model in "Pusher Love Girl"

Beantown Beauties Calendar spread 2014, 2015

Links and Laces Girls of Golf

Playboy Golf

American Honey National Brand Model (12 Women)

Miss Connecticut International 2014

SuperBowl 48 Hostess

Golfs of Golf ; Sleepy Hollow Country Club

What are your hobbies and/or enjoy doing?

I love automobiles, traveling, sports, art, food, fashion, fitness, yoga, ATV/snowmobile riding, skeet shooting, family and friends.

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