Miss Staten Island Gina Marie

March 01, 2015 Brady Lee Gina Marie

Miss Staten Island Gina Marie

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Today, we at UpRAR had the chance to catch up with reality TV star and a very accomplished model/actress/and singer by the name of Gina Marie. If you know Gina, then you already know this girl has got it going on. She was a rocket on Big Brother taking on a very elite cast of all stars and coming just short of first place. For others, you may have seen Gina in various publications and magazines such as Maxim and Bud Light. But wait, there's more to this wildly talented girl. She's also worked with the likes of such juggernauts as Jennifer Aniston, Spike Lee, Paul Rudd, and Denzel Washington! Gina's most recent work was in Piranha Sharks that was released this past summer in 2014.

If you were expecting an out of touch model and obnoxious actress in Gina, then this girl is happy to prove you wrong. How does she stay so humble and dedicated to her craft? The answer is having a great and unique life perspective. Gina's approach is simple and gratifying. She doesn't conform to stereotypes and believes in self worth and respect.

" I think everyone is unique and everyone is a human being and should be treated with respect . Of course people aren't perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but you only learn from your mistakes and become a better person from them."

An avid dancer, Gina still attends the same dance studio every Thursday that she went to as a child 25 years ago. Her focus these days are hop and jazz. Always one to give her time to a good cause, Gina takes part in many local charity events and loves interacting with her community and fans, a rare sign of someone who has not lost touch with her roots.

Of course, we at UpRar are just as curious as you all were and the answer is yes, Gina is single! With her hectic career, she finds it hard to be in a committed relationship at times. But having accomplished so many of her goals already, she is now starting to focus on her personal life. Having dated both good and bad guys, she now knows what to look for and is excited at the challenge and opportunity. There's still hope for us all gentleman!

Can't get enough of Gina? Follow her below for the latest and next time you see her, say a big hello.

Website: http://www.officialginamariez.com/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ginamariez

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginamariez

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialGinaMarieZ

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