Celebrate #NationalBikiniDay

Celebrate #NationalBikiniDay

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In honor of National Bikini Day 2015, we decided to share some of our favorite looks from the famous and Instagram famous. Not much to say here but ENJOY!

7. Jennifer Lopez rockin' the one-piece

6. Supermodel Hannah Davis helping us celebrate the 4th of July!

5. Gisele Bundchen always knows how to wear one of these.

4. She was one of Hugh Hefner's "blonde" time, Sara Underwood.

3. You might not ever be able to buy this swimsuit worn by Emily Ratajkowski.

2. Instagram hottie Amanda Elise Lee

1. My Ultimate #WCE Jessica Alba. I've loved her since "The Adventures of Alex Mack." I know, I need to stop creeping, ya creep. If the beach is a little chilly, bring a sweater. A cute one like this will do.

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