Winter Just Got Really Hot With Haley Blasser!

March 03, 2015 Brady Lee

Winter Just Got Really Hot With Haley Blasser!

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Are the long winter and frigid temps getting to you? Cabin fever? We at UpRar are feeling it too. So let us introduce you to a local hottie that is sure to spice up your day. Meet Haley Blasser. There are many words that first come to mind, but gosh golly is Haley gorgeous! A mixture of Italian, Czechoslovakian and Swedish, she is Boston born and raised and extremely proud of it. She may be only 20, but she is 20 in Beyonce years, which means she is absolutely unstoppable.

There are many so called models out there, but Haley is an agency signed model and this girl can sure strike a pose. Like anything she does, she strives for excellence and modeling is no different. Haley's advice to anyone interested in a career in modeling? It's simple, be yourself.

"Don't ever go to a shoot unhappy with yourself or your appearance because you will see it all over your face in the final pictures. Don't do anything you are not comfortable with or let anyone pressure you into modeling for something or in some way that you do not want to be a part of. Practice in front of the mirror, seriously, create crazy faces and practice bringing out the fierceness in your eyes!" – Haley Blasser

Haley is more than just your typical pretty face. She was accepted into all ten colleges that she applied to and received numerous scholarships. She currently attends Curry College, for Criminal Justice and Psychology and hopes to go to law school after. She wants to represent troubled youth and also volunteers at homeless shelters. Did we also mention that she received an award signed by the President and a certificate of congressional recognition? We love this girl!!

Haley's father has and will always be her biggest inspiration (boy would we love to meet the man that spawned such an awesome girl). It is his love and support that motivates her to be the most accomplished person she can be whether that be joining the peace corps, attending law school, or getting signed by a modeling agency and traveling the world.

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