Sweat, Hard work, and Boston's Shirley May

Sweat, Hard work, and Boston's Shirley May

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Uprar would like to introduce you to a new and upcoming model, Shirley May. In this interview, we'll learn about the experience and hardships most models go through in the modeling industry; on and off camera.

"There is much more to modeling than looking pretty..."

Name: Shirley May

Age: 22

Location: Boston, MA

Occupation: Student/Bartender/Model

About yourself:

I typically don't tell people about my modeling career when I first meet them. I only make the exception for events or shows I'm involved with. At that point, it's pretty obvious! I don't want people to have a different perception of me; other than for who I truly am. It is ironic that people tend to find out about it anyways... whether it's through word of mouth or social media. So when a good friend of mine (from Uprar.com) reached out to me for an interview, I said sure why not? This will be a great opportunity for me to tell you a little bit more about modeling than just to "look pretty."

I started modeling when I was 21. My very first show was Hot Import Nights in Honolulu, Hawaii. My photo shoots are mainly for promotions or related to the import scene. Therefore, it's more on the "sexier" side as opposed to the cat-walk fashion models. The Modeling industry is new to me so I have to work twice as hard to network and get noticed.

Modeling has been an amazing experience and a lot of fun. But, people tend to neglect all the hard work behind the scene. Everyone usually see the luxurious side of a model's career (beautiful pictures, traveling, amazing food, meeting famous people, etc...) but there are many long nights where we put in a lot of hard sweat. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say modeling is "easy". It's not just about taking a perfect photo. The amount of work the whole team puts into a professional photo shoot is insane. It can be very frustrating and exhausting. Along with all the hard work, we also get a lot of criticism and ignorant people making rude comments but I've learned over the past couple of years to "brush it off." Always remind yourself that if you love what you do, then that's all that matters.

During my incredible journey, I've met and surrounded myself with amazing and supportive friends. I have met a lot of awesome people during my experience and I want to thank everyone who has been there for me.

Looking Good Tips:

Eating healthy, work out daily, skincare routine, and good posture. I don't like to rely on photoshop and makeup for my photo shoot. Therefore, I keep try my best to keep my skin beautiful (this will makes your photos come out a lot better).

Secret to being a "Hottie":

Be humble! Don't forget who you are and where you started from. Personality is what makes you "hottie", it's not always about appearances. There are tons of pretty girls out there but having an outgoing personality is what makes an individual stand out.

Facebook (url): www.facebook.com/theshirleymay

Instagram (url): www.instagram.com/theshirleymay

Twitter (url): www.twitter.com/theshirleymay

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