Tamar Toramanian wants to be equally strong as her mom

Tamar Toramanian wants to be equally strong as her mom

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Boston local and Armenian beauty, Tamar Toramanian, has been modeling since the age of eighteen. As a first-generation American, her inspiration comes from knowing how hard her mother worked in order to provide for her and her siblings. This go-getter is no stranger to the tough grind and she doesn't believe in self entitlements. Her mother's determination, sacrifice, and hardships defines her immensely. The values and rewards of those characteristics are paying off because Tamar has started her own business in the beauty industry doing what she is passionate about. But it doesn't stop there, this ambitious lady has continues to strive and her next goal is expansion. In her industry, she finds happiness by making other people happy.

When did you start your career?

I started modeling out of high school when I was 18 at the same time I graduated with my cosmetology license.I didn't do hair right away because that wasn't my passion. I was working with young children and wanted to pursue a career in that. It wasn't until my early 20s that I decided to throw my hand into the beauty industry and I haven't left since.I love what I do making people look and feel beautiful every day is a very rewarding job. I always say you got a love what you do when you got to feel like it matters.

What's your inspiration?

My inspiration has always been my mother she is a wonderful, strong, and caring woman. She cared for two children as a single mom. She accommodated our lives to her best abilities and provided everything we could ever want and need. I hope someday to be equally as strong and kind as her.

What are your greatest achievements?

I would probably say it was opening my business two years ago it was something that I never thought I could achieve but with the help of my mom and God I achieved my goal and now onto the next one

What are your goals?

To expand my business to other locations and to achieve a cover of a print ad.

What motivates you?

My motivation is knowing that no one else is going to get me there. If I want these things in my life, I have to get there my self. Those are truly what motivates me to waking up every day and doing what I do. Seeing my mom work and build a wonderful life is also motivation to build my own.

What have you experienced in life (good and/or bad)?

I've always been someone that has worked for what I wanted. At a young age, my parents divorce. And Coming from a violent household, I was always living in fear. Once my mom took me away from all of that, I was ready to live. Since then, I've never looked back and I push myself as hard as I could.

What are your hobbies and/or enjoy doing?

When I'm not working or modeling, I love to meet friends, go out to dinner in the city, and have a drink in the summertime. I love to hike and walk around Boston. I enjoy this historical metropolitan city.

Who have you worked with and/or cross paths with?

I have crossed paths with such wonderful and interesting people. People with life lessons greater than mine and it has helped me with my own life.

If you had the opportunity to change the world, what would it be?

If I could have the opportunity to change the world the first thing I would attack are the wars in this world. The hate amongst different countries is why we live in a world we live in. My goal would be to harmonize everyone and end poverty.

Any tips for aspiring younger generation?

Yes, look into the mirror and see the beauty behind the mask and bring it out. If it's changing your hair color, change it.

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