Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting

Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting

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As I was getting ready to board my flight to Dallas Saturday morning, multiple news outlets had reported an attack at police headquarters in the city. Pretty crazy right?! Who in their right mind would do something that is considered stupid by millions? As information was coming in, it was initially thought that there could have been up to 4 gunmen involved in the attacks. The shooting turned into a negotiation of some sorts from the single shooter himself and police to come to an ending where no lives were lost. That didn't happen. No police or bystanders were injured but the same can't be said for the shooter.

After the attack on police headquarters, the van that was used in the shooting was cornered in a Dallas suburb of Hutchins. As I landed at DFW at 10amCT, that was the talk amongst all the passengers and travelers at DFW International. The city was on edge. Police found bags filled with pipe bombs around the building and after hours of trying to persuade the shooter to a peaceful ending, it was all over. The gunman was dead in the van he used in the attack on police. The gunman, James L. Boulware of Paris, TX was dead from police sniper according to a NY Times article. The pictures below show the damage he caused to police vehicles and the building itself.

The conclusion of a day that put the city of Dallas on edge included police detonating the bags of pipe bombs and a standoff as James Boulware notified police that his van was rigged with C-4 explosives. Police did find a few more pipe bombs but no other explosives. The parents recently apologized for their sons actions and while it seemed it was multiple people, it ended up only being one individual.

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