Jay Z Bailing Out Arrested Protesters?

Jay Z Bailing Out Arrested Protesters?

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According to a Yahoo article, Rap Mogul Shawn "Jay Z" Carter has been putting his money where is mouth is. We have seen him don the "Peace" shirt in a few different languages and also know he is a big advocate for ending police brutality. A writer named Dream Hampton (worked with Hova on his 2010 memoirs) sent out a few tweets including "When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protestors, I... hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson and he wired tens of thousands." Another tweet stated that he and wife Beyoncé wrote a "huge check" to support "Black Lives Matter."

Has H to the Izzo been using his own money to bail these protesters out? Sure looks like it. Should he be doing so? I guess the rap titan and his wifey are making sure the world hears their voice through the voices of others.

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