Barbershop 3 Update with Nicki Minaj

Barbershop 3 Update with Nicki Minaj

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The boys, and girls are back in the Barbershop. Can you believe it's been over 10 years since part 2? For those who saw that one, damn, we are getting old. Most of the cast is back including Ice Cube, reprising his role as Calvin, the owner of the shop. Reportedly, Queen Latifah, Cedric "The Entertainer," and Eve are part of the cast as well.

The newcomer to the set is Nicki Minaj. We don't know what her exact role will be but that didn't stop the "Superbass" singer from showing her enthusiasm on set. Nicki gave us a sneak peak of what's going on during the shooting with some pictures on her Instagram. The movie is scheduled for release in February 2016. Check out some pictures from the set.

Cedric "The Entertainer" with Nicki Minaj

Nicki with Mr. "Yeah, Yeah" Ice Cube!

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