Fast & Furious 8 Official Release Date

Fast & Furious 8 Official Release Date

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For all you Fast and Furious fans, Vin Diesel has just released some good news for you guys. While it is becoming abundantly clear, to me anyways, that the movie franchises storylines have been getting a little weak, they will be releasing the 8th installment in the summer of 2017. Check out the Instagram photo Vin posted yesterday. Will they kill off Paul Walker's character somehow or send him off into the sunset on a good note?

I can almost guarantee you that the reason and only reason there will be another movie is due to the fact that the last one (Fast 7) generated a ton of money. Otherwise, why not continue it right? Can this movie have less of Vin Diesel overacting every seen though? I mean can he just speak in a regular tone without the mean face and really low, almost Darth Vader like, tone? I haven't seen that since the original. I really like you Vince but come'on man! As much of I love action, driving a car through building after building in Dubai and walking away still looking fresh in the outfit you wore can be unrealistic, just saying. Let's get back to the stuff I can actually believe can happen.

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