Straight Outta Compton - Official Red Band Trailer

Straight Outta Compton - Official Red Band Trailer

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Damn. Can we say this is such a dope ass trailer? Great casting and production looks good. It was much better than I expected. In the beginning, there is an intro from the real Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. The movie trailer starts at 1:10. The actors playing Ice Cube and Eazy E look so alike! Paul Giamatti is playing Jerry Heller; the music exec who robbed them blind in the beginning. N.W.A's first album was a smash hit and they ended up only getting 50k each. Ice Cube refused to sign another deal with him and ended up leaving the group. Heller was a big reason for all the friction within the group. Heller was also responsible for convincing Eazy E that he was the real star of the group which then caused them to turn on one another. Can't wait to see the movie and watch the whole drama unfold!

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