"We Are Your Friends" Official Movie Trailer

"We Are Your Friends" Official Movie Trailer

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The movie "We Are Your Friends" trailer has just been released. It stars Zac Efron as a DJ and is directed by Max Joseph (from Catfish fame). Efron plays a rising EDM (I'm not an EDM fan whatsoever) DJ who falls for Emily's character. Trying to separate his goals and his friends along with having a hot girl in the mix has got him caught up. What a dilemma, that's me being sarcastic by the way. Anyways, check out the trailer that was just released yesterday. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Aug. 28th.

The movie also stars super hottie Emily Ratajkowski. Zac Efron is one lucky bastard. In "Neighbors" he had Halston Sage and now Emily in this one. I might be just a little bit jealous. For those who don't know who Emily or Halston are, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome!

Emily Ratajkowski, left & Halston Sage, right.

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