Do bigger boobs result in bigger tips?

Do bigger boobs result in bigger tips?

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Remember the episode of Mythbusters where they made Kari Byron put on some bigger boobs while acting as a barista to see if she got more tips? The results were a 30% increase in tips. Let's just take a second and discuss how the test was just poorly executed. First off, it was Kari from Mythbusters wearing a wig. If you notice her face, then you would know it's her. Secondly, there was a huge sign on the door of the coffee shop stating that patrons would be on camera. There are so many things wrong with the test. It's anecdotal at best.

Honestly, you really don't need science to tell you that boobs get attention. Boobs are fantastic. According to Freakonomics, their study shows that a slender, good looking, big breasted woman in her 30s will often get better tips. Maybe Mike Epps was wrong when he said "it ain't your booty. it's your beauty." And does this make guys horn-dogs? That's up for debate. As a boob connoisseur and expert in motor-boating, it's fair to say that I love me some boobies.

Now I'm going to drop some scientific facts for you ladies. Scientists say women stare at other women's chests as much as men! According to a CBSNews article, "When asked to focus on appearance, the males and females equally zoned in on the areas of the enhanced parts of the body, especially the waists and chests. They spent more time looking there than they did looking at faces. The images showing larger breasts, narrower waists and bigger hips prompted the longest looks." Ha! This is why women are always judging other women.

In most cultures and countries, tipping is not part of the norm. This is true. I been to places, people! Maybe if some of you folks go outside of that bubble you live in, then you would discover this also. Next time you travel, go outside of your safehaven of a resort and see what kind of service you get when you don't tip in the heart of the jungle. But if they add a little boobage to that experience, never mind what I said. Damn it, I might be the biggest hypocrit in the world. My brain is telling me to not to but my pants say otherwise. Mmmmm boobies. Killjoy out.

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