Let us not forget... the Basic Bitch

March 26, 2015 Captain Killjoy Basic

Let us not forget... the Basic Bitch

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How is it so satisfying in the world of basic bitches? They're posting the same ol' basic shit on their wall or tweeting the same shit every basic bitch tweets about. Basic Bitchness is a disease. It's running rampant in our streets and flooded all over social media. You basic bitches know who you are. You think you're so special and so original. Reality check, you are not. Keep posting those selfies and sipping them pumpkin spice lattes because you're in a Google+ circle of basic bitches. Lets be serious for a minute, you probably have several ratchet ass people as your Facebook friend and she is probably oblivious to knowing how basic she is. But lets not get it twisted, the term basic bitch does not gender discriminate ...because some dudes are basic bitches too. They really try so hard to make it look like they got shit going for themselves. And if you're reading this asking yourself if you're a basic bitch, then the answer is most likely yes. I got news for you lames... there is no cure to being basic and unoriginal. Basic bitch rant done. KJ out.

Captain Killjoy

I continuously write things down and then backspace them. If I tell you "I'm doing line breaks" - I assure you it's not drug related.

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