Mark Cuban Goes at ESPN Guy, Claiming False Reporting!

Mark Cuban Goes at ESPN Guy, Claiming False Reporting!

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So ESPN "Insiders" in multiple sports have not been having a good track record as of late. First, Chris Mortensen got hammered with his false reporting on Deflategate in which he spoke about his sources and the actual PSI of the footballs that were underinflated. Multiple reports proved his sources wrong including the Wells report itself.

Yesterday, Adam Schefter, who I respect and has had a good track record, pulled off one shitty move by posting up Jason Pierre-Paul's medical report for the world to see. Talk about not caring about someone's privacy whatsoever. I guess anything to get the story right!

Now Chris Broussard, who I don't really care for his opinions because they sound like what my friends and I talk about, comes out with reports of what Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was supposedly doing when trying to nab Deandre Jordan in free agency. Pretty clear that Mark Cuban was having none of it.

The billionaire owner went directly at Chris Broussard claiming his sources and findings are completely false! Even willing to donate $100K dollars to Broussard's choice if he could back up his claim. If Broussard is willing to back it up, his charity will be grateful. If not, he will be questioned for his reporting like his peers in other sports. Check out the Twitter war between the two and you can see that Mark Cuban is calling him out! As of 4:05pmEST, Chris Broussard has not responded to Cuban's request. Cuban is definitely questioning his reporting. If you think this is bad, you should see the comments on Broussard's twitter handle by his OWN followers. Not looking good at all.

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