NBA Legend Shaquille O'neal Golfing is well.....

NBA Legend Shaquille O'neal Golfing is well.....

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We all know how dominate Shaquille O'neal was on the basketball court. I consider him one of the best players of all-time. There has never been a guy that big and that good. So what happens when a 7-footer of Shaq's size tries golfing. We'll let you insert the caption. At least his swing is better than Charles Barkley's, which isn't saying much. One thing is for sure, that's a BIG MAN on that tee box! Oh and when the big guy shoots a golf ball free-throw style, it is way better than on the actual basketball court free-throw line! Thanks to the official PGA Tour Instagram page for sharing the video's now playing on our YouTube channel.

First the free-throw style golf shot! Swish!

Now the actual swing! I just started golfing 3 years ago and shoot in the low 90's. My advice to Shaq is, you gotta start somewhere.

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