Tom Brady Officially Files Appeal on Suspension

Tom Brady Officially Files Appeal on Suspension

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You knew this was coming. After being suspended and his integrity being questioned on numerous occasions on TV, newspapers and social media, Tom Brady has appealed his 4-game suspension. The New England Patriots quarterback was handed the suspension after the release of the Ted Wells (NFL backed) report on Deflategate. His agent Don Yee has been on the offensive since the report was released and renowned lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, who has been a thorn in the NFL's side, will be part of his counsel.

Will Robert Kraft fight his teams punishment as well? The Patriots were hit hard with a $1 million dollar fine and lost of next years 1st round pick and another pick in 2017. The report definitely has holes in both punishing Tom terrific and the organization. Brady was never mentioned in the report as cheated. The wording is "more likely than not" with no direct evidence. The Patriots punishment is even worse to me. The report states neither coach Bill Belichick or the organization likely knew about it but yet were hit heavily.

It will be interesting to see what the result of Brady's appeal will yield. ESPN insider Adam Schefter, per his sources, stated he wouldn't be surprised if the suspension is overturned and Brady doesn't miss any games. Meanwhile teammates, fans and the organizations have shown their support. Julian Edelman, the Patriots social media page and fans alike have posted Brady's #12 jersey everywhere. Fans even have started a #NOBRADYNOBANNER campaign. In all things New England, TB12 has our utmost support! In NFL circles, Colts GM (will not mention his name) will be forever known as the "snitch" who started the investigation into underinflated footballs.

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