Warriors' Win NBA Title, What's Next for LeBron?

Warriors' Win NBA Title, What's Next for LeBron?

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I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. I mean, I did predict the Golden State Warriors in 6. Don't believe me, check my blog titled "Who Will Win the NBA Finals." Ok, enough gloating. Let's get into the reason why Steph Curry and company won the title. While inserting Andre Iguodala was a great move, the Finals MVP was not the reason. The reason and main reason was health. The Cleveland Cavaliers just ran out of steam. As much as I say LeBron is the Peyton Manning of the NBA, well he still is but he had one heck of a series. He just couldn't do it alone.

The Warriors used their depth and finally found the sync they were looking for. The love fest for Cleveland's Matthew Dellavedova fizzled like his game did and the surprising play of Knick's castaways Shumpert and Smith did as well. After going down 2-1 in the series, the Warriors started to play well. Unlike games 1, 2 & 3, Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson played a lot better. Andre Iguodala played well for them and MVP Steph Curry shut the media up after they thought he could be guarded. Plain and simple, the loss of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving was the reason the Cavs really had no chance. Congrats to the Warriors for a great team win.

Now on to the elephant in the room. What's next for LeBron James? Will he opt out of his current contract, I think he should. Sign for a 1 year deal and wait until the salary cap skyrockets and get the huge max deal awaiting once the NBA TV deal kicks in. The main question is where will he be playing. Honestly, James has no choice but to stay in Cleveland, and I mean for the rest of his career. He is now 2-4 in the NBA Finals. While getting there is impressive, not winning this many times is a huge blow. HUGE! Leave and go somewhere else to ring chase once again and his marketability will reach an all-time low. Finish your career and hopefully finally win a title for your hometown and be a real "King." Doesn't matter if he loses as many more times it takes, win 1 for Cleveland and he will get his due. He is a once in a lifetime athlete.

The Jordan comparisons are over a la the Brady-Manning ones in the NFL but that doesn't matter. Win 1 ring for the Cavs and everyone, especially myself will say the greatness of LeBron was his ability to stick around through all the tough times and got one for his city. The reason I hammered LeBron for going to the Heat was based on that fact. He ran, left his city and his team. The Miami Heat was never his team. He might have been the best player but Miami was Wade County. That belonged to Dwayne Wade. That is why I gave Dirk Nowitzki so much credit. Talk about sticking it out. Let's hope LeBron does that this time.

On another note, Boston Celtics, you are on the clock! #greenrunsdeep #thisiscausewaystreet

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