Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

Who Will Win the NBA Finals?

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The NBA Finals tip-off tonight @ 9pmEST on ABC. We are going to give you 2 reasons on what each team needs to do to win.

Cleveland Cavaliers

1. This is pretty easy, LeBron James. A once an a lifetime athlete with strength and speed that is unmatched. He nearly averaged a triple double in the Eastern Conference Finals and in this matchup, will be pretty much un-guardable. Look for King James to have his way around the rim. The Warriors should use Andre Iguodala to match up with James as neither Harrison Barnes (size) or 1st-team defensive specialist, Draymond Green (quickness) can match up. Feed LeBron on the post and allow him to see the floor and make the right decision and Cleveland will win.

2. The Cavalier role players have been studs this postseason. How do you off-set the loss of Kevin Love? Tristan Thompson, who is rebounding everything in his path. He is a beast on the offensive glass. The combo of Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith have been playing the best ball of their careers after being cast off from the horrible New York Knicks. Timofey Mosgov is protecting the rim very well and providing key offense as well. If they can keep playing the way they have been, Cleveland might not make this much of a series as everyone expected. And I didn't even mention Kyrie Irving at all.

Golden State Warriors

1. MVP Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have to continue shooting lights out. This is how the Warriors have gotten this far and will be the reason they win the title. Steph Curry's has the quickest release in the league and none of the guards on the Cavs can guard him one-on-one. With him and fellow splash brother, Thompson running around picks and screens, it will be a long or short series for Cleveland. If that gets out of hand, look for James to switch to Curry but that might wear him down offensively. How will Thompson come back from the concussion will need to be answered quickly.

2. The Warriors must play excellent team defense. With Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green manning the painted area, the other teammates must stick with their guy hovering the 3-point line. Limiting J.R. Smith's effectiveness will be key. Kyrie Irving will have his hands full with Curry defensively and his lingering injury concerns continue to plague him. The loss of Kevin Love in this series specifically will be huge.

With both teams playing very well, it could go 7 games. If I had to pick who will win the title, I will go with Golden State in 6. I think the loss of Love is huge in this series and the only way they lose this series is if the MVP has the worst series of his short but stellar career.

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